Firstborn by Nirpal Bhogal ( @NirpalB ) is delivered soon to screens






Eileen Davies (SIGHTSEERS)

Firstborn. a film that is on my radar. and has been since I first heard that director Nirpal Bhogal was the screenwriter and the director for the movie. Nirpal;s first feature film was the brilliant 2011 film SKET which took the urban drama, spun it on its head with even more realism than a lot of others were doing at the time. I know a few people who couldnt get to the end of SKET because the feel of the film disturbed them that much. It wasnt a specific scene, it was the atmosphere of the teen gang in London drama and the sheer realism of it all. If you havent seen SKET, then do check it out. As happens with a lot of my favourite filmmakers, they just dont make enough films. I know!!! How selfish of them right. I want more films by Nirpal. But he obviously heard my please and now we get Firstborn which hits theatres October 14th 2016, as well as video on demand that same day. Whilst I am still a fan of disc based films. I dont have too long to wait as the DVD is released on October 17th 2016.
image006 (1)

Charlie and James are just starting their lives together; young and in love, they’re relishing having no responsibilities, until Charlie discovers that she is pregnant. In a moment of youthful abandon, they decide to keep the baby.

Into their world comes Thea, a beautiful little girl. But her arrival brings with it terrifying entities that threaten their newly formed family, things that are beyond their understanding. Panic stricken, the young parents enlist the help of James’ estranged father Alistair, a dilapidated would-be occultist whose obsession drove his family apart and led his son to despise him. He diagnoses Thea as a beacon – a child whose very presence attracts the attention of the supernatural creatures that surround us. Charlie and James realise that they must dedicate their lives to protecting their unplanned daughter.

FIRSTBORN is an evocative horror about the reality of the supernatural world encroaching into our everyday lives, threatening our homes and family. Taking as its inspiration, the seminal horror films of the 60s and 70s, it is a chilling insight into the sacrifices we must make when we bring a new life into this world.


I for one….cant wait to see it!

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