Comic-Con World Premiere – ‘Alistair1918’ – Sci-Fi Movie at #sdcc @alistair1918 #supportindiefilm

A World War I soldier accidentally time travels to present-day Los Angeles. Filthy, penniless, with no way to prove his identity, he struggles to find way back to his wife in 1918.

Starring Guy Birtwhistle (Holyman Undercover), Amy Motta (Passions), and directed by Anna K McVey

Alistair1918 looks like something that is rare nowadays. A fresh take on a genre. The trailer was sent to me as I am registered on a few press lists to receive articles from some studios. Usually its films that I have been familiar with but in the case of Alistair1918. I honestly hadn’t heard of the film before today. However checking out the very simple one line premise and then checking out the trailer. Alistair1918 looks super interesting and definitely a film I shall keep an eye on. Where did the idea come from? Well I can answer that one as the gentleman who plays Alistair (Guy Birtwhistle) also wrote the story. Here’s what he said about the backstory for Alistair1918

Three years ago my father dug up a family photo of my great great uncle Fred, a machine gunner who died fighting in World War One (photo below). I wondered what Fred would think about my life here in Los Angeles, one hundred years in the future, and the story of a time traveling WWI soldier was born

WWI Soldier - 1914 FRED BOOTH

and so the story for Alistair1918 begun.

For those attending San Diego Comic Con. The  cast and crew will be in attendance for the world premiere screening of Alistair 1918 on July 21st at 4pm (Pacific 23, Marriott Marquis)



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