Investigating The Mousetrap at The Opera House ( @palaceandopera ) #theatre

Usually when writing reviews, I type a little bit about the plot, the characters and the cast. Okay so normally I write and talk about films and television shows to which the plot lines are widely known already and have been talked about online, in magazines and on other outlets.

Last night Annette and I took a trip into Manchester to see the Agatha Christie penned stage play The Mousetrap currently in its 60th Year. Usually found in London, because its an anniversary, the cast and crew have taken the show on the road and this month and a few days of next month are in the city of Manchester. (The final day is July 2nd)

I purchased the tickets are a surprise for Annette who is a great fan of anything Agatha has written. Annette though had never seen The Mousetrap so I thought I would win some brownie points if I took her to the show.


 What a perfect night. The last line spoken by one of the cast, asked the audience not to talk about the plot. To preserve the secret of The Mousetrap and who am I to break that request. Part of the beauty of watching the show was to see the story unfold, to learn about the characters and to feel like one of the cast, even though we sat in the dark observing. It felt like we were part of the story.  I have only been to see a theatre show a handful of time but every show I have seen has been amazing. There is something truly magical about watching a show on stage. There are no retakes. There is no waiting around as cameras need to set up their show. Once the show begins, we are treated to a couple of hours of storytelling, knowing that what we see is for us. Our own unique telling of a story which will contain a few tweaks and performances that we see one day but will be slightly different the day after.

Giving a mention about the venue itself. The Opera House in Manchester.


This was the first time I had been inside The Opera House (which is just off Deansgate and only 15 minutes walk from the main Bus station) and I have to say the building is a beautiful place. It has that fantastic classic feel to it with its small box office window, and interval bar, its glorious red seating and huge curtain across a very large stage. It reminded me of my childhood years venturing into the classic style cinemas and I do miss that about a lot of todays venues. Other than seeing people on their mobile phones (before the show…not during) I could easily have been there in the last century, waiting to see The Mousetrap in its early years. It was like a glorious trip back in time.

So on two counts. If you love stage plays and havent seen The Mousetrap then do go and see it. Its great and fun and highly entertaining. The cast of the show are brilliant and all in different ways and if you havent checked out any shows at The Opera House in Manchester, then check out their site and see what you fancy. To date I havent found a better place to watch a story unfold before my eyes.Many thanks to the cast and crew of The Mousetrap and also the staff at The Opera House




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