Viewing ‘Remainder’ by Omer Fast @wearecolony @sodapictures #supportindiefilm

In the opening scene for Remainder. Tom (played by Tom Sturridge ) finds that his life takes a drastic change after being struck from above by a falling object from a nearby building. Toms memory is gone and in Remainder, we see that he begins to develop a way to reconstruct his past.
That might seem like a reasonably simplistic outline for the film, but there is nothing simplistic about Remainder, the latest film by Director Omer Fast ( Everything that Rises must converge) and based on the novel by Tom K McCarthy.

remainderRemainder is a beautifully shot but also very confusing film and one that you need to pay 100% to when viewing. The world of Tom is a strange place to live in thats for sure. But perhaps the confusion that I felt watching the film was nowhere near the confusion that Tom feels as he tries to remember who is he, and certain events from his life.

remainder4-1600x900-c-defaultWhilst the entire cast do a fantastic job in their roles. The film does belong to Tom Sturridge as the mentally struggling, sometimes likable, sometimes very dislikable character that we spend time with. Whilst I have seen Tom in other roles (The Boat That Rocked, Far from the Madding Crowd). To date Remainder is the benchmark for just how good an actor Tom Sturridge is. Is Remainder a film for everyone? Perhaps now, but if you are a fan of cerebral films and very clever plot lines, then Remainder is for you. Its certainly a film that will stick with me for quiet a while

Remainder is available on VOD through We Are Colony, the online streaming platform.

Remainder will be released on DVD by Soda Pictures

17 Oct. 2016

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