Rogue Agent is coming soon to VOD and DVD

Content Media is set to release Crime Thriller ROGUE AGENT on 25th July 2016. The film premiered in London in October 2015, opening the Raindance Film Festival  (under its alternative title “Newcomer”). The second feature film from writer/director Kai Barry, ROGUE AGENT stars Anthony LaPaglia (“Without a Trace,” “Fraiser”) James Floyd (“My Brother the Devil,” “The Infidel”) and Noemie Merlant (“Death in Love,” “Once in a Lifetime”).

rogue agent

The film centers on Alex (James Floyd), the newest member of a special ops team working for the U.S. government. The rookie’s tireless determination earned him a spot on one of the most elite industrial espionage teams in the world, and his mentor Daniel Frost (Anthony LaPaglia) believes he is destined for greatness.

When his first mission goes disastrously and suspiciously wrong, Alex becomes the primary suspect of an international manhunt. Alex is forced to go on the run, and try to piece together the truth by recreating the events of the ill-fated mission… with only an audio recording to lead him.

“Rogue Agent” is an action-packed visceral Crime Thriller following in the tradition of a young Bourne or Bond, introducing the world to a new covert operative who learns to use quick wits and stellar intuition to beat the best of the business at their own game. James Floyd has been described by the Daily Telegraph as “reminiscent of Robert de Niro” and by Time Out as “someone who must now be on every director’s must-cast list. If Daniel Craig hangs up his tux and anyone’s looking for the first mixed-race Bond, here’s your man.”

The producer is Srdjan Stakic and the executive producer is Brian Kavanaugh-Jones. The cinematographer is Erol Zubcevic.  

“Rogue Agent” will release in the UK on DVD and VOD July 25th 2016.



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