Stealing Cars revs up from Lionsgate ( @lionsgateuk ) and Mark Wahlberg ( @mark_wahlberg) @WahlbergYouth


You might presume to know what sort of film you are getting when you see Executive Producer:Mark Wahlberg, but with the film Stealing Cars, you don’t get high speed chases, glossy cinematics and fast editing. What you go get it a really raw, powerful, realistic and sometimes heart wrenching indie drama at its best. Not an easy film to pitch because the film isn’t really about stealing cars, its about the man behind the wheel or in this case the young adult behind the wheel of a stolen car who finds himself dropped into the Bernville Camp For Boys, a juvenile prison if you want to call if that.

William H. Macy and Emory Cohen in Stealing Cars

The main character Billy Wyatt is a hard person to like, but thats the point. He hates the rules, and despises those  who dish them out. talking back at every chance, and being a smart mouth whenever something comes out of his mouth. Brilliantly played by Emory Cohen who does such a convincing job that we often want to reach into the screen and shake some sense into the character who seems hell bent on heading down the worst possible path he can. Emory at times, seems to channel a young Edward Norton (Primal Fear, American History X) in is performance as the arrogant ‘prisoner’ Even with supporting cast members such as Mike Epps, John Leguizamo, Felicity Huffman and William H Macy, Emory Cohen comes out on top in this wonderful indie drama that is a great companion to the likes of ‘Starred Up’ starring Jack OConnell . Treat yourself to an hour and a half of acting, storyline and defiance.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment Releases Stealing Cars on DVD and Digital Download June 20th

Check out this clip from the film.

You can order the film from Amazon by using the following link



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