Chatting with some of the cast from Hooligan Legacy ( @movielegacy ) #supportindiefilm

Now that Hooligan Legacy is out on DVD for you to pop in the player and watch. I thought I would not only reshare my review HERE for you. But I thought I would be a little cheeky and message some of the cast and crew behind the film and ask them each, a totally random question. How random? Well I was sitting there after writing a “This is for an article, and I wanted to ask you each a question” message to them. My fingers then hovered over the keyboard as I thought up a different question for each person. Im sure they had better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than be random messaged by me, but bless them all. I received replies from them all in super fast time.


Why did I opt to ask them all questions and put them in an article? Well for one it was and is fun, Whilst its fun and interesting to read and write a review of sorts about a film. I also love learning a little bit about the people behind the images we see and the sounds we hear on screen. Thats my main reason for asking many of the cast and crew from Hooligan Legacy a random question.

So without much more rambling from me. Lets get on with the question and answers.

Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar:- Producer

(Death Walks, No Reasons, Undercover)

What was the longest shoot day on Hooligan Legacy?

Oh wow… You want me to remember that? I believe the longest would have been the robbery at West Ham stadium or the finale scene between Jimmy (Kris Johnson) and Ronnie. (Gary Finan).

Kris Johnson: ‘Jimmy’

(Undercover, Welcome to the Punch)

If you had to spend a week locked in a cinema room with only one film playing? Which film would you choose?

Ok great question, my favourite film is Nil by mouth but I’m not sure if I could endure a week of that kind of gloom so I’ll have to go for True Romance/ Lots of variety and different characters to get to grips with ! Love Walkens and Hoppers scene.


………Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper face off in Tony Scotts True Romance. A classic scene in a classic film

Jeet Thakrar:-Producer

(Predator:Dark Ages,Undercover)

How many coffees or teas would you drink on an average shooting day

None. If you need caffeine then you need a break.

Lee Hatch :- ‘Chris’


If you could work with any current Hollywood talent. Who would it be?

I would love to work alongside Denzel Washington & Forrest Whitaker. Two amazing actors

Dave Condon :- ‘Big Dave’


If you could watch any British film on an IMAX sized screen, which film would you choose?

Hey Stuart, my answer may be a tad predictable, but I would definitely have to say Hooligan Legacy. I’m so proud and honoured to have been part of the whole HL experience, with such great support from all the cast and crew. To get to see this on the big screen would be the icing on the cake.

a scene from Hooligan Legacy

………………………….a non spoiler scene from the film Hooligan Legacy. To say anymore would ruin the plot

James Groom :- Jack


Who is your favourite UK actor?

My favourite UK actor has to be Eddie Marsan – he’s sublime to watch

Terry Lee Coker:- Writer

(Essex Vendetta)

Although the script was written by me I have to give credit to the director (Nicholas Winter) who changed the script as we shot. The hardest part for me was to create the drama, the characters, the story based on a synopsis given to me by Lucinda and Jeet Thakrar rather than my usual route of building the storyline myself and working from my own inspiration but it was great to work with the team to produce the product Hooligan Legacy which has been received well by their intended audience

Terri Dwyer:- ‘Charlotte’

(Hollyoaks, Age Of Kill, Own Worst Enemy)

Who had the best sense of humour onset?

That’s a tough one! The shoot was full of heavy scenes so mostly people were in character and serious, in keeping with the work that had to be done. Lucinda (producer)was always nearby for a bit of light relief though/

Narin Oz:- ‘Crysta’

(Krish and Lee, Jengo Hooper)

What was the most recent film you saw at the cinema?

The Reverent


………………………..Crysta, played by Narin Oz in the film Hooligan Legacy

Gary Finan:- ‘Ronnie’

(Eastenders, Ultimate Force)

What was one of your favourite childhood films?

As a kid i loved Bugsy Malone… But nothing beats the Back to the Future films


………………………………..Its been many years since ive seen this Alan Parker film Bugsy Malone

Alicia Lording:-Costume and Wardrobe Department

(Hooligan Legacy)

Which character was the most fun to costume design?

I definitely found Jacks character the most fun in terms of styling. I loved showing his journey from being one of the lads, to showing how, 10 years down the line, he was a completely different person. I created the look by re-using severall items or dirtying doubles of the costumes to give the impression that he no longer looked after himself and didnt care if he’d worn the same clothes several days in a row. Of course dressing the Lead Kris Johnson, was fantastic, getting to work with the beautiful clothes by Merc, however Jacks change in character was extremely fun to try and portray through costume

Nicholas Winter:-Director


If you could direct any franchise movie, which one would it be?

Home Alone



Hooligan Legacy is available on Digital Download now and on DVD from  May 30, 2016.

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