Exploring the ‘Five Pillars’ Directed by Jon Rosling ( @jonrosling ) #supportindiefilm

Out this week is Five Pillars, a multi layered film made by writer director Jon Rosling and featuring a great cast of actors who together have given me one of the most enjoyable films ive seen this year. I was talking with a friend of mine earlier this week and he passed along a comment made by someone he knows. That comment was ‘i’m fed up of British films, they are all drug dealer movies” My reply to that was “they clearly havent seen enough British films”
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Whilst the UK does enjoy creating drug dealer films (and those films do have a market) the UK film world also has a serious amount of gems that need to be showcased. One of those gems is Five Pillars which has been said to be a bit ‘This Is England’ and I can see that style in it. But to me it reminded me of the same feel that the 1995 French film ‘La Haine; had. Five Pillars is what I call a tinderbox movie, in that its separate stories and many characters are all building up to something, and you are pretty sure that whatever it is. It will be something dark and perhaps grim.Like a hand grenade waiting to go off.
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Made in Sheffield in 2013 on a very low budget (but the film doesnt look like a low budget film. It doesnt need to be and wouldnt work of it was al super cinematic and glossy. The film looks raw and feels raw and thats an added bonus., Five Pillars has been visiting various international festivals but now its time for the masses to see the finished film and such a great film it is. Over the past few weeks and months I have seen many films that have impressed me, but then its hard to review films like that which are so plot driven. I hate giving spoilers away which makes it difficult to talk about who some of the characters are and how they fit into the feature length plot. Five Pillars gives me that problem.
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Five Pillars focuses on what here seems like a massive list of characters, but it isnt. The stories are all threaded wonderfully into a wonderful tapestry over its 80 odd minute running time..Whilst all the people live in the same area, they are all quite different with their own baggage and dilemmas. All with very different backgrounds and dishing out various forms of treatment to those around them. Some good, some not so good. We have Darren (played by Tom Bott), who is an ex-soldier now struggling with assimilating back into ‘normal life’, We are also taken into the lives of Paul (Adam Probets),Gary ( Aaron Jeffcoate), his ex-girlfriend Sophie ( Rachel Lucy) , Billy (Charlie Glossop), Ruth (Mhairi Calvey),David (Rick Bithell), Robert (George Newton), Graham (Mike Kremastoules),Yusuf (Sameer Butt), Carla (Sarah-Jane Honeywell),Ishmael (Amin Ali) and Mary (Jane Hayward) who are all fantastic in bringing their ‘A game’ to the project.A film that makes me want to see more from these characters in future installments, even though the story is fully dealt with in this film.
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Five Pillars is my type of film. Wonderfully performed by all the cast, wonderfully written and directed by Jon Rosling and jut an all round really enjoyable viewing. Even the small amount of characters in the film that will annoy you, well thats a testament to how well the actors have performed their roles. Definitely check the film out and let me know your thoughts.

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