Checking out the Brotherhood ( @thehoodmovies ) but Who is ‘Daley’ ( @jasonmaza )


CiwK2DzXAAAaXe7I know nothing about ‘Daley’, what sort of person he is. What he is up to, what he isnt up to or how he fits into the world of Kidulthood, Adulthood and now Brotherhood, the third in the brilliant series. I loved Kidulthood, loved Adulthood and am very excited to get to August 2016 when I can see the next installment in the franchise. Written and Directed by Noel Clarke (who returns as Sam Peel) Brotherhood will show us Sam facing up to the new world. Looking at the cast list and being very familiar with the great characters in the previous films. Brotherhood looks set to be a wonderful and worthy addition to the ‘hood’ films Joining the cast for this film is Jason Maza as ‘Daley’

Who is Daley and what sort of person is he? Find out in Brotherhood.


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