Orthodox packs a punch. Out now on DVD from @sodapictures

An Orthodox Jewish boy turns to Boxing as a means of self defense against school bullies. Years later as an adult, Benjamin (played by Stephen Graham) still finds life difficult. Trying to put food on his families table, trying to maintain a failing shop business. Benjamin does what he knows best. Survive. Stephen Graham adds yet another fantastic and yet subtle performance to an already impressive list of film credits. As Benjamin we instantly like and care about what happens to him even though we see him making bad judgement calls. He might do the wrong thing but we hope things turn out well for him.


Orthodox is my type of film. A story about people, living real lives, but also living a life that perhaps I am not familiar with. In this case, the life of not only a Jewish child, but also a Jewish adult.Based on the short film featuring the same cast in that 30 minute short that feature in this feature length. Writer/Director David Leon has done a fantastic job of adapting, writing and directing Orthodox. It certainly makes me want to track down the short film and work out what was added as there is zero evidence of padding a story out just to make it longer. The film is pure indie filmmaking at its best. The supporting cast is a familiar line up of names you might not recognize, but faces you will.

Michael Smiley (Kill List, A Field In England)

Christopher Fairbank (Alien 3, Auf Wiedersehen Pet)

Giacomo Mancini (Top Boy) 

and of course Stephen Graham (Snatch, Gangs Of New York, This is England)

You should treat yourself and check out Orthodox,a wonderfully made film starring a great set of actors with a storyline that is seriously compelling. I have just finished watching it within the hour and already Id happily watch it again.


Directed by David Leon

ORTHODOX is released on DVD from 16 May. 



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