Essex Vendetta is now available. #supportindiefilm

Essex:Vendetta isnt “An original crime thriller” as the cover art states but who cares. As I often say, not every film has to be an original piece of work. The fact that the film has the word ‘Essex’ in the title and its a UK crime drama sort of indicates that its headed for fans of films such as “The Fall Of The Essex Boys” and “Essex Boys:Survival” both films which I have seen and which sit in my DVD collection. What Essex:Vendetta does have going for it are some really good performances. Notably the always watchable and on form Eddie Webber (Power To The People, The Business, Oh Marbella, to name a few) who Frank, an undertaker. There is always something so natural about an Eddie Webber appearance. I have never seen him ‘act’ But I do always seem him in habit whatever character he is portraying. A perfectly natural actor. Well done Eddie!. Danniella Westbrook is also really good in Essex:Vendetta, and yes she might play a similar character that she has played before but she (like Eddie) is a very natural performer. and in Essex:Vendetta that is no different. Its great to see her back onscreen after some time away from it. I look forward to seeing her in more projects such as Mob Handed, and The Middle Man in which she is attached.

maxresdefault (2)

I must admit though when it comes to the storyline of Essex Vendetta, It did feel a bit disjointed at times when watching it, as if I had missed a plot detail or something like that. Even though I didnt. Perhaps my brain wasnt sully engaged. Who knows. It happens. There are a few characters in the film that make the worst decisions possible which of course then result in things getting even worse for them, but everyone knows people like that in real life so who am I to critique fictional character decisions.

Essex Vendetta takes us into the life of Spencer (played by Michael McKell) an ordinary man who finds himself drawn into the world of organised crime.. Taking him from Essex to Malta (Its nice to see Malta in a film. a lovely island that Ive been to many times over the years)


Ive read a lot of the reviews left on various sites for Essex Vendetta and the majority of them arent good, but I have noticed that a lot of people love to attack low budget films, especially low budget British crime films. I try not to attack a bad film, as even though the budget is small, its still a lot more money than I have in the bank. Is Essex:Vendetta the best film I have seen all year? No. But its not the worst either. Does it have things about that which didnt settle with me? Yes, such as the pacing of the film and flow, but thats just my opinion. I didnt make the film , but a lot of people did and am sure worked pretty hard on it. Im glad I watched it as previously mentioned there are some good performances in it.

Dont judge the film on the hammering its taking from ‘reviewers’. Judge it for yourself.


Directed by Terry Lee Coker

Written by Terry Lee Coker and Michael McKell



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