The Timber, on DVD and Digital this May #TheTimber @LionsgateUK

Set back in the wild west, two brothers (played by James Ransome and Josh Peck) embark on a expedition to collect a bounty in a last minute attempt to save their home from the town banker: This is the plot for director Anthony O Briens latest film The Timber which is released in the Summer of  2016 from Lionsgate.


Set in Alaska (but filmed in Romania), the film is visually stunning, its snow blown landscapes looking so clear and crisp that I felt cold watching the story unfold over its 78 minute running time.


The Timber could be described as a slow burner and that is just the way that I needed the film to be. There are no gimmicks here. Its not Agatha Christie meets the western (the hateful eight) or The Hills Have Eyes meets the western (Bone Tomahawk), The Timber is pure classic western, not reliant on a spin to make it work and not feeling the need for a large amount of gore to keep us engaged. James Ransom and Josh Peck are great as the two brothers, Sam and Wyatt and whilst there are a great many scenes that involve minimal dialogue. It all works wonderfully.

You might not find yourself as a fan of westerns in general, but if you are a fan of great looking films with an engaging story very well acted by talent, then I definitely recommend The Timber. Its great to see the classic western genre back again.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment Releases The Timber on DVD & Digital Download May 2nd, 2016

 The Timber Retail DVD#6.indd

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