Discovering Deadly Intent ( @deadlyintentmov ) Written by Diana Townsend ( @deadly_intent ) #supportindiefilm

This morning I decided to check out Deadly Intent, a film that I have seen mentioned many times on social media of late, and which I found on Amazon Prime. Having just finished watching the film. I thought I would try and put my thoughts down on the site so that others can check out Deadly Intent.

One of the things I love about streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix and similar is that you can discover gems. Films that you might not have heard of, many not even have thought about watching, but you can watch in the comfort of your own home.Sometimes you will be happy that you hovered over the thumbnail poster and clicked PLAY, sometimes you will think. Oh why did I do that. With Deadly Intent I am so glad that I not only decided to click PLAY, but also that Im glad some of the people behind the film have a really good social media presence. Otherwise I might never have heard of Deadly Intent.

Deadly Intent is such a hard film to review though because part of the beauty of the film is in seeing where the story goes.  Wish me luck!

Deadly Intent focuses on Bryony (brilliantly played by Rebecca Reaney), A mother to James (played by Gus Barry) and a wife to soldier Steve (played by Peter Lloyd). Life takes a turn for the worst when Steve is killed leaving Bryony and James to cope with the grief of a fatherless family unit.  Bring into the mix, Lisa, Bryony’s sister (played by Lara Lemon) and you for the most have a full film built up with only these characters and a fantastic script by Diana Townsend.(Scarycrows)

The cast are wonderful, although Gus Barry’s portrayal was so spot on his character of James annoyed me so much for the first part of the film and my sympathies lay with the run down, exhausted Bryony. Well done Gus. The film reminded me of certain aspects of The Babadook which was insanely popular when it came out. Watching the mother/ son relationship in that film was as mentally tiring as watching the mother/son relationship in Deadly Intent, but thats part of the point. We see what Bryony as the mother is going through although she (and us) dont know what the solution is. How does a parent cope when things get really serious and no solution appears to be working.

Gus Barry in a scene from Deadly Intent

I could keep going on, but I really do think you should check the film out. It was such a wonderful way, not only to start my day, but also to start my week. Wonderful direction by Rebekah Fortune in her feature debut, Is also noted that Rebekahs next film is Just Charlie. a film that I first heard about when talking with one of its actors Scot Williams for a recent podcast. It looks like the name Rebekah Fortune will pop up many times on my sites and podcast with these two films at least.

Peter LLoyd and Gus Barry in a scene from Deadly Intent

Directed by Rebekah Fortune 

Written and Produced by Diana Townsend

Check out Deadly Intent now on Amazon Prime, and leave a review if you can. They do help support indie film

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