More Batman, more Superman.

I held off watching Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice at the cinema for a couple of reasons (none of them were because I didn’t want to see the film) I am not a fan of cinema audiences, especially the texters and loud talkers and knowing how busy BvS would/might be. The chances or texters annoying my viewing experience were pretty high. I also knew that there was a longer version of the film coming out (because Warners announced it, which is a very silly move on their part) So why on Earth would I pay £40 or so for a day out (bus fair, food, and tickets) to see a film that I knew I would be purchasing when it came out in its ultimate edition. I had no issue in waiting.

Now its being reported on various sites that in July, Warner Bros are releasing its Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,

According to some websites in the US the Ultimate Edition will run for 181 minutes giving us half an hour more footage within the film, also included will be the theatrical cut


batman v superman blu-ray

What the extra footage will be, I dont really care as I plan on not learning that answer until I sit down and watch the film, not being annoyed by people in the cinema and being able to press pause should I need to run to the bathroom, although like a lot of cinema viewers nowadays. I am capable of not eating for three hours

Are you excited about the Ultimate showdown between Batman and Superman?


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