Kicking Off in cinemas and small screens in April @kicking_off #supportindiefilm

Kicking Off is a new football comedy starring Greg McHugh (Fresh Meat) and Warren Brown(Luther), about loyal football fans and the lengths they go to for their passion about the game. When Wigsy (played brilliantly by Warren Brown) kidnaps the referee who gave a bad decision on a recent football match, Things of course go a little insane.


Thankfully Kicking Off is a film you can thoroughly enjoy even if you dont like the game of two halves, even if you arent a football fan then you do understand how passionate some people are about the game. Okay perhaps not everyone would go to the lengths of actually kidnapping a referee but this is a movie after all. The film is full of style and straight from the kick off, we are treated to some split screens, and something that I love when its done right (and in Kicking Off it is done well) and thats the breaking of the fourth wall (when characters in the film, talk to the audience)  Greg McHugh and Warren Brown are a great double act, working brilliantly off each other in this caper movie. But along with the comedy, there are also great scenes of drama, that would work just as well in a deadly serious film, but also work well in the comedy.Its a great blend of comedy and drama.

Directed by Matt Wilde.

Written by Robert Farquhar


Kicking Off also stars Danielle Bux (TV’s Aquarius, Silent Witness) and features cameo appearances from Sir Geoff Hurst, Robbie Savage and Mark Bright who are all very well known to fans of the game., Ive seen Kicking Off described as one of the essential British comedies of the year and id agree with that. So often British films are uber serious and gritty (and theres nothing wrong with that but its just nice to see what delights can be had when the UK filmmakers decide to make a comedy. If Kicking Off is the result, then lets bring on more comedies.






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