From Daring to Win to Winning. Say hi to Zara Phythian ( @zaraphythian )

At some point in 2014, I attended a cast and crew screening of a small British indie film entitled ‘He Who Dares’ , a fun sort of film that to this day I still enjoy (and its sequel) directed by Paul Tanter, and starring a whole host of names i’m familiar with. That was actually how I found myself invited to see ‘He Who Dares’ having spent some time talking about the various films that starred some of the cast of the film I watched that night. To sum up ‘He Who Dares’ as a film kind of similar to ‘The Raid’ might be a little unfair, but ‘He Who Dares’ does involve a lot of action, and battling to get to location A through various corridors and so on. It really is a fun movie if you fancy some entertainment. Anyways, this isnt being written to talk about ‘He Who Dares’, this is about the night. I met a whole host of people some of which were in the film (Ben Lloyd Holmes, Tom Benedict Knight, Simon Phillips, Tom Child, Rita Ramnani and Zara Phythian. Ben Lloyd Holmes introduced me to her, as he had worked with her on a film called The Hike a couple of years before. Zara’s character (Lilya) in ‘He Who Dares’ kicked butt! She was described as ‘a honey pot’ in the film by the main villain of the story and she was indeed deadly. There’s a great fight scene in the film between Ben Lloyd Holmes character and Zara’s character. Great stuff.


As usually happens, once I meet someone either in real life or online. If they are involved in the film industry. I tend to keep an eye on the films they have coming out, and often work my way through the back catalogue of projects they appear in. It increases my knowledge of film, and being a film fan. I never turn down the chance to watch a movie. So from ‘He Who Dares’, I then moved onto watching ‘The Hike’ which isnt a family friend film for sure but is a pretty good thriller to say the least. In ‘The Hike’ Zara plays the role of Kate who gets back from doing a tour in Afghanistan and heads off on a camping trip with some of her friends. While out in the bush area they come across a group of guys who are also camping out. But it all goes from having a good time and enjoying themselves to a fight for their lives as they are soon being hunted by someone in the forest.


After those two films, I started reading a lot about the film ‘Transit 17’  which as far as I know still hasnt set a release date but which has been in production for a while now. I know very little about ‘Transit 17’ other than the cast, and director. I have seen a few images of the film shared on social media over the past year, but beyond that. Sadly I don’t know much about it. I would guess there’s a fair bit of amazing fighting in the film as Zara does come from a background of being a martial artist. Skills that I have seen used in other films and roles, as well as mentions of martial art classes she teaches.

You can check out the IMDB page for ‘Transit 17’ HERE


I will forgive you if you havent heard of He Who Dares, or The Hike, or Transit 17. They are small indie films that sadly the large mainstream cinema audiences might not realise exist (and its a shame, as the 2 films I have seen from that list, 2 are really fun movies to watch.) So where am I headed with this? Well imagine my surprise when this morning. I woke (that’s not the surprise), I checked my Twitter (that’s also not a surprise). and there was a link to the Doctor Strange trailer that debuted on US TV last night. Have you seen it?  I have..about 8 times, because there in the trailer. Yep you guessed it.. Zara Phythian. Now I don’t know what her character is, who they are or anything about her role in the film, but sure enough. That’s Zara Phythian alright in the film. Now there’s no way I’m going to say ‘wow, shes lucky’ or ‘wow, talk about an overnight career shift’ because as I mentioned. I follow peoples careers once they show up on my radar and Zara is one serious hardworking woman.  Looks like its paid off when it comes to film roles. I felt so proud this morning to have met her a couple of years ago when she was in those films you might not have heard of and now there she is. In a Marvel movie!!!!!! I hope that she has a grin from here to here at the site of the Doctor Strange trailer.


Well done Zara!!! Keep up the great work!!!

(You can see Zara at the 1 minute 25 mark on the below trailer)


Say hi to Zara Phythian on Twitter  @zaraphythian 


Doctor Strange is released across the world from October 2016




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