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1959: A helpless British astronaut(played by Edmund Kingsley) is suffering from Hypoxia and is locked in a dysfunctional Cold War space Capsule orbiting planet earth. With limited contact with his own team, the deeply suspicious Russians and Americans attempt to intervene…Can he get home? Who will help him? Will he make the right choice?

Awards Master April EXTRA

One Man, One Mission, One Choice… Who will he Trust?


Directed by Andrew Martin


Andrew is a Writer and Director and has been a shooting Director for Five years, working on a multitude of different projects, from Vietnam war films, to TV commercials, idents for ITV

He started off in the film industry back in 2002 working as a model maker and special effects technician on films like Die Another Day & Tomb Raider II before working through the ranks to become a Writer and Director. Andrew has numerous commercials, short films and fashion videos under his belt incorporating his eye for visuals, along and Short Films. with a flare for the vintage.



Edmund Kingsley (Hugo, Allies, Stonehearst Asylum)

Edmund plays the lead, the helpless astronaut ‘Guy Taylor’.

Lisa Greenwood (The Hour, Call The Midwife)

Lisa plays the female lead, ‘Lotte Taylor’

Nigel Barber (Spectre, Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation)

Produced by Paul Forrest

Paul is an experienced filmmaker and producer. His background mixed between business strategy, investment, corporate finance and film means that he has a management, budgetary control and getting the job done on time. Paul ensured that the necessary budget was in place and that it was guarded with a ‘clever film health appreciation for project making strategy’

Director of Photography Felix Forrest 

A veteran camera operator specialising in Steadicam and moving camera work, Felix has spent in excess of twenty years shooting pop promos, idents, feature and short films. Whilst Felix has undertaken this role previously, this is the first time he Cinematographer on a narrative feature has undertaken the duty of film.


I have been closely watching  Capsule over the past few months, as they gather speed and this weekend they launched the announcement that they will be having their UK premiere at the Sci-Fi and Fantasy film festival which is held in London , starting April 27th and running until May 6th 2016.

More details about the schedule will be online soon so please keep an eye on or follow them on Twitter

You can follow the wonderful people at Capsule on Twitter


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