Checking out Unleaded, Featuring Josef Altin ( @josefaltin ) #supportindiefilm

Over the past couple of years, I have made time to watch more short films than I ever used to. Short films arent as easy to find as feature films. They dont get the same amount of ‘press’ or coverage as the Hollywood blockbuster films, they are shot on a far lower budget than most feature films are, but short films can be just as good as the films you watch in your local cinema, and more often than not. I find that a lot of the ‘gems’ I talk about with friends are actually short films rather than feature films. So where can you find these ‘gems’? Well check out Vimeo.Com, thats where you will discover them. and earlier today I saw a tweet go out that contained a link to this ‘gem’ Unleaded, Written & Directed by Luke Davies and starring Josef Altin, who youll know from such shows as Game Of Thrones, Misfits, The Aliens and much more, and also from films such as Vendetta, and Eastern Promises. So sit down, and check out this wonderful 7 minute film featuring Josef,

Written & Directed by Luke Davies



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