The Movie Show:Episode 1 ft @mrsheltontv @emdarkofficial @uk_leviathan

In 2015, I ran a successful Indiegogo campaign to raise some funding to purchase some camera equipment to use for various projects. Those projects included filming the Q&A panels at Scifi Wales, which I was playing host at. I also planned to film feature length podcast style conversations and release those across the internet, as well as short films and a few other bits and pieces that I had in mind. I also began putting together a feature length documentary (in the loosest of terms) documentary about my experiences at various comic con events over the year. That project is still ongoing with a ton of footage already shot and waiting to be edited. However this posting isnt all about the things I plan to do, this is to show you one of the things that I have actually done and that is a companion piece to the audio podcasts that I host and produce. The Movie Show video edition is finally here and what youll find here is the test pilot of the project. What I plan to do is to release a 10 min video as and when some groundbreaking movie news takes place or perhaps Ive just watched some films that you might not have heard about but I feel you need to know about. Basically for around 10 minutes I shall talk about whatever I like and fingers crossed. It will be liked. Okay so its going to be on Youtube so the chances are I will receive some flack on there, but I live in hope that people will enjoy watching it. Fingers crossed!

Last weekend I attended the MCM Comic Con in Birmingham and met some wonderful people. Those include John Shelton (filmmaker, film fan), Emma Dark (director of Seize The Night) ,Lawrence Harvey (from The Human Centipede:Second Sequence) and Gary Smart who is a producer on the 9hr …yes NINE HOUR documentary about Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2:Hellbound. I managed to persuade those awesome peeps to let me film them for a few minutes and what youll see here is……..well have a look and listen and find out. Please do leave comments, click like etc etc.. I am actually pretty nervous about this whole Youtube thing as Im not a filmmaker, and am not a fan of seeing myself on camera either, but hey I suffer that torture in order to bring you news, reviews and info about films you should watch and people you should say hi to.

Welcome to FromPage2Screen’s The Movie Show Episode 1



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