Check out the Derby Film Festival April 29 – May 8th ( @derbyfilmfest ) #supportindiefilm

Its not long until one of my favourite film festivals kicks off if you are near or in Derby then you definitely should check it out. The Derby Film Festival is running from April 29th 2016, to May 8th 2016 and looks set to be as amazing (if not more) than previous years. Having had the pleasure of meeting two of the powers behind it on a couple of occasions Peter Mumford and Adam J Marsh, ive always kept up with what the Derby Quad and the Derby Film Festival has to offer each year it returns.


I remember last year they had the awesome Phil Davis in attendance and I think previous to that they had John Hurt (or was that 2015), either way its amazing!! I wished I lived in Derby.  Each year the festival has a ‘theme’ and this year is keeping up that fun trend, with the 2016 theme being  the theme of Journeys. Both emotional and physical journeys will be represented at the festival with a range of classic films from many corners of the world.

In the second weekend of The Derby Film Festival they take a look at horror, science fiction and fantasy courtesy of the Fantastiq Film Festival. Bringing you exciting previews, special guests and rare chances to catch classics back on the big screen. One year they had the ultimate geek fest with a screening of Howard The Duck!!

As well as the long list of films on show, The Derby Film Festival also have some great events that just have to be attended, featuring some great names from the film world  You can check those out here

Courtesy of the official website I thought id share the programme listing for the festival. It looks pretty damn amazing doesnt it.

 For more information on pretty much everything to do with the DFF, Check out their website.

I really wish I were able to attend this year, and whilst I cant think of anything better than spending up to 10 days with filmmakers, film fans and such like. Being away from home for that time would really make my two cats fall out with me big time!

But I will be keeping up with the DFF social media channels and sharing information with you.




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