Blood Rush (also known as Flipped) is out on VOD from Osiris Entertainment ( @osirisent )

Out this month on VOD from Osiris Entertainment

The unnerving Blood Rush,(also known as Flipped in some territories)  starring award winning actress Stella Maeve (Transamerica) and acclaimed actor Michael Madsen, is now available on VOD from Osiris Entertainment.

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Directed by Harris Demel, the film fixes on Nicole Diamond, an internationally-known model, who finds herself in an upside-down car in the middle of nowhere. In the passenger seat is her unconscious boyfriend, pop singer Scott Donnoly, a.k.a. Scotty Dee. Not a soul is around to help, and her legs are wedged under the dashboard. She’s trapped.

Danger lurks everywhere, including a small fire under the car, wild animals in the vicinity, and the unknown, life-threatening physiological effects of hanging upside down indefinitely. With her damaged cell phone, she dials random numbers until she finally reaches someone willing to help – a mysterious man named Casey.

However, she soon learns that roadside assistance is the last thing on Casey’s mind..

Blood Rush is such a good thriller and at no point for me fell into the predictable story elements that films of this type can sometimes fall into. Stella Maeve is fantastic in the lead role and even in scenes with no dialogue, she speaks volumes. Its also surprising that Director Harris Demel is making his feature film debut with Blood Rush and like Stella, Harris is a name to follow with the films that will come after this one.


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