The team at @Grimmfest bring you Supernova

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The team over at Grimm Up North are pretty excited to announce the first look at their brand new film festival  SUPERNOVA Film Festival; taking place at the end of May as a counterpoint to their super awesome international horror and cult film festival Grimmfest in October. 

SUPERNOVA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL will be a celebration of the past, present and future of Science Fiction Cinema and beyond from around the world.

The event will take place 27th-30th May (The May Bank Holiday weekend) 2016 at Odeon Printworks in Manchester, UK.

The festival opens on the evening of the Friday 27th, with the UK Red Carpet premiere of the moon landing comedy MOONWALKERS. The film stars Harry Potter alum Rupert Grint alongside Robert Sheehan (Misfits) and US star Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy). Set in 1969, MOONWALKERS tells the hilariously dangerous tale of  an unstable CIA agent who fails to locate the legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick and must instead team up with a seedy rock band manager to develop the biggest con of all time: A live television staging of the moon landing. Members of the cast and crew will be with at the screening.

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In addition to a plethora of premieres of the latest science fiction and fantasy releases from around the world, SUPERNOVA will also feature special big screen showings of classic movies and some under-appreciated gems. The first of which is a commemorative screening of Nic Roeg’s THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH which was initially planned to celebrate the classic’s 40th anniversary but will now also serve as a tribute to the late pop cultural icon David Bowie.

In celebrating the under-appreciated, the festival presents a very rare big screen showing of ALIEN3: THE ASSEMBLY CUT followed by a panel discussion with critics, actors and key creative’s from the film, who will discuss the many differences between this cut, (the nearest there is to a director’s cut) and the studio release print. With 25 mins of extra footage, this version reveals just how much the studio changed director David Fincher’s vision.

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Festival director Simeon Halligan argues that this cut puts ALIEN3 (Often considered the weakest of the franchise), right at the top next to Ridley Scott’s original. I agree with Simeon. Alien 3 took a critical hammering on its release but this Assembly Cut makes the film so much better.

Other festival highlights include a special screenings of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and INTERSTELLAR.

Submissions for the festivals official selection are now open via film freeway.

Full Festival Passes are now on-sale via our site for £50.00.

A full festival pass will get you into everything across the long weekend, including guest Q+As and signings and is by far the cheapest way to enjoy the full event at your leisure.)

The full lineup in addition to day passes and single tickets will be released in April.

For more info on SUPERNOVA click here


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