To all those who are busting blood vessels over #Ghostbusters. Dont hate.

If you heard a massive explosion a few hours ago, then chances are you may have heard the internet exploding. Why? What? Who made the internet explode? Well stupid people made the internet explode. Plain and Simple, a bit like those daft haters who made the loud bang in the second place. I say second place because around a week ago the internet exploded due to a film trailer being released online, and today an international version of the trailer was released thus causing the loud bang I mentioned previously.

I generally dont get involved with morons who abuse filmmakers or idiots who compare a film trailer to the likes of world war 2 holocausts. I love movies, I love watching them and have watched thousands of them over the years. Most of them I liked and some of them I didnt. I could probably sit down and within a couple of hours, actually come up with a list of films I didnt like. But I dont care to do that, and prefer to remember the fun movies, the exciting movies, and the films that educate me.

Spending some time on social media, you cant help notice that the trailers for the Paul Feig directed film Ghostbusters has caused somewhat of a big f*cking explosion across the globe. Yep it has indeed. I remember watching the Ivan Reitman directed 1984 Ghostbusters in theatres when I was 13yrs old. Really enjoyed it, had tons of fun being engulfed in the world of Slimer, Keymasters, Gatekeepers and firehouses. A childhood classic. Hell yes. Then came Ghostbusters 2 which I saw on VHS but havent seen for twenty years. It hasnt tainted my love for Ghostbusters (1984)

Then came the news that Paul Feig was bringing Ghostbusters back to the screen and heaven help him, he was actually going to be doing something different. How dare he put his own talents to work on a film franchise that hasnt seen a film since 1988  Would people be happy if Paul completed a shot for shot remake of the first film? Pretty sure they wouldnt like that. I for one was and am still fine with a new Ghostbusters film. Was I craving one? No. Will my life be better for there being a third installment. Perhaps not but Im sure that for ninety minutes or so, I will end up with a smile on my face and that fun tune in my head again. The casting of the main roles is wonderful, some people like them, some people dont. Some people liked Bridesmaids, and some didnt. Its the way of the movie world (and any creative avenue)  Some you like, some you dont. Get over it. The movie business is a BUSINESS. Sony or Warner or whoever are in the business of making money, and if they can make it by also entertaining us then that works better for them. Look at Transformers. People complain about too many Transformers films, but when a new one comes out it makes a billion dollars. Thats a of of money for something apparently noone wants to see.

Whats my point? Well my point is that theres just too damn much hatred out there for movies nowadays, social media can be a wonderful thing where you can learn about things you didnt know and watch movies youve never heard of because of the recommendations of others. But it can also be a rotten place where hatred and venom is spat in the direction of people who are just doing their job. Actors, Directors, Writers are hard working people who can if they work hard enough make a living from what they do. They take part in projects in good faith and hopefully those projects turn out well and people pat them on the back and say  ‘thanks…you did a great job….wishing you all the very best’ But sadly other times keyboard warriors take to their plastic keyboards and spit venom in the direction of  anyone whos working hard. The negative comments toward a 2 minute trailer has been pretty disgusting. Its just a film folks! You are either going to like the finished film or you wont like the finished film. Is there any reason to fire racists comments to some of the crew behind the film? Any reason to talk about the desire to see the company behind it go under? Is there any reason to talk about ‘ruined childhoods’ and so forth. Give me a break!

Have a look at the trailer. Watch it, listen to it. Then go about your day. Send some of the crew a nice Tweet. Not a nasty bile one. I am not sure what I will think of the 2016 Ghostbusters. I will find out when I watch it. I hope its good. Everyone should hope its good. Who in their right mind hopes the film is dreadful? If you arent interested in watching this reimagining then dont watch it. Trust me. There are 100s of films coming out that dont have ghosts in them. Youll never be short of a film to watch.

So to all those haters out there. Get a life! Focus on something you do like and try to spend less time bitching about things you believe you dont like. Then again, Ive spent the past fifteen minutes typing this up to tell all the haters that I think your idiots.

Ghostbusters is out in July 2016

Many thanks to Paul Feig, and all the cast and crew of the film for working hard on the project. Hoping its good and dont let the haters waste time in your brain!! Good luck and keep working hard.


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