Photos from the set of Blood Bath

The first photos  from the set of DEATHAUS FILMS’ ‘BLOOD BATH’ have been released. Made by the same team behind MASSACRE (starring Pandie Suicide, Billy Morrison, London May, Jeordie White, Jeff Hilliard, Katy Foley, Rob Patterson), BLOOD BATH  is written and produced by New Zealand-born actress and writerPANDIE SUICIDE (Ditch Day Massacre, David Lynch’s ‘Crazy Clown Time’)  and directed by award-winning filmmaker ERIK BOCCIO (director ofPussy Riot’sPutin Lights Up the Fires‘, prolific Funny or Die director under the moniker ‘WeirdFellas‘).

unnamed (1)
The film, which is a twist on the classic Blood Countess Bathory myth, sees musician and actor JEORDIE WHITE (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle), also known as ‘ TWIGGY RAMIREZ‘, star as the lead role of ‘MARV’ along with PANDIE SUICIDE as LIZ, actress KIMBERLY ABLES JINDRA(Insidious), and features a cameo appearance from SLIPKNOT DJ, SID WILSON (aka DJ Starscream, #0).

FX artist Laney Chantal preps FX body parts on set of Blood Bath from Deathaus Films

The four minute short film is intended to be released online, free to the public and features beautiful cinematography from DP EVAN PESSES, and bloody special FX from make up FX artist and FACE OFF! alumni LANEY CHANTAL.Director Erik Boccio with actorSlipknot DJ Sid WIlson in frozen FX make up by Laney Chantal on set of Blood Bath

The film is expected to be released in late April online with a special premiere event being planned for Los Angeles, California.

To find out more visit the film co’s official site at

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