Terry by @Nicknevern is the first film in my 24hr UK marathon to #supportindiefilm

Ive decided to spend twenty four hours watching some of the British indie film DVDs that sit on my shelves. Ive opted to go through the films I havent seen before. Why? Well why not? The backlog of DVDs is getting out of control in my house with around 200 or so at a guess, and its a pretty good guess. I also decided to talk and write about the films as I go along and first up is the 2010 film Terry, Written and Directed and starring Nick Nevern who appears in a hell of a lot of the films in my UK collection. ‘Terry’ is a DVD I bought a couple of years ago but for no reason at all, I just never got around to watching until today


Terry Jones (played by Nick Nevern) has agreed to let Charlie (played by Manuel Atkinson) follow him around as part of a student film project. What we the viewer see is the point of view from the camera as Terry goes about his regular life. ‘Terry is such an unusual but really cool idea for a film, I dare say a lot of people will lump this film into the found footage genre, but Terry is more than that. I can honestly say that I cant think of another film in the British film world that has done this before or actually done it since. The storyline is as basic as it needs to be ‘man followed by cameraman’ but its insanely engaging to watch and most of that is down to the performance of Nick Nevern in the title role. Nick also wrote and directed the film, even though its director credit is titled as Charlie Ruez (the character of the filmmaker)

What a weird and wonderful film Terry is. It took me a couple of years to watch for the first time, but It wont be two years before I watch it again. Definitely check it out if you can.


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