16 years of alcohol starring Kevin McKidd #supportindiefilm

Next up in my 24hr British indie film marathon is the 2003 Richard Jobson written and directed film 16 years of Alcohol, starring Kevin McKidd (Rome, Trainspotting), Ewan Bremner (Pearl Harbor, Trainspotting), Laura Fraser (Breaking Bad) and many more familiar faces in what is a very odd mix of films. Part-Neds, Part A Sense Of Freedom with a few dashes of A Clockwork Orange thrown in for a strange film cocktail.


16 Years Of Alcohol has a lot going for it, and that includes a great soundtrack which is no strange thing due to its writer/director used to front line a band called The Skids in the late 70s and 80s.

16 years of alcohol takes us into Frankies world (played by Kevin McKidd) and is a pretty gritty tale of alcohol abuse and violence in Edinburgh, Scotland. Frankine and his friends, who appear more like Kubrick ‘droogs’ than likable people create mayhem on the Scottish streets through the years. Whilst the dreamy type cinematography in places lost me, when the film is in realistic mode its a pretty damn accurate portrayal of how I remember my younger years in Scotland. The film definitely isnt going to be to everyones liking, not because of the storyline but because of the style in which its put together, but I for one am liking the film enough and am glad I chose it as part of my 24 hour film marathon



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