Chatting with the wonderful Pollyanna McIntosh ( @PollyAMcIntosh )

I’m always a fan of podcasting with people that are involved in the making of the films I watch. Even though I have recorded/edited/hosted etc over 310 episodes in the years I have been at this, I never tire of the excitement of spending some time chatting with actors, producers, editors, writers and anyone else who loves movies.Last weekend I was able to spend an hour and a half talking with one of my favourite actors (or actresses if you still haven’t gotten around to using equal job titles) The wonderful Pollyanna McIntosh.  Pollyanna and I have been swapping tweets now and again on Twitter for an age now, and I have seen so many of her films and shows over the years. Easily my favourites include The Woman, Exam, White Settlers and Let Us Prey but it turns out her first onscreen role was a film I saw many moons ago. Irvine Welsh’s The Acid House.

white settlers

Where do you start when it comes to prepping to speak with someone you are a fan of? Well you just dont prep, the chances are you already know what you are going to say, you just need to make sure it doesn’t all come out at once. Less interview, more conversation.

The podcast went wonderfully as Lauren Rebecca Reid (one of my co hosts on The Horror Show podcast) and myself chatted with Pollyanna about her films, her life and what she does when she isnt making movies.

Lauren and I learned about Hap and Leonard


We learned a lot about Lucky McKee’s The Woman


We learned about White Settlers.


and we learned about Joshua Nolan.


For you here is the link to listen to the podcast chat we had with Pollyanna, for those who prefer, you can listen to the episode on Itunes or Stitcher for Android, but feel free to click the link below and listen whilst you work.

You can find out more about Joshua Nolan by clicking his picture above. and find out more about Pollyanna McIntosh by clicking her picture here.


Now lets bring on the feature length podcast with Pollyanna chatting with Lauren Rebecca Reid and Stuart Bannerman

Click to Play 

Many thanks to Pollyanna for taking the time out on a Saturday to chat with us. You are indeed pretty damn awesome!!


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