Checking out Twisted Part 1 , a short film by Daniel Attrill and Louis Taylor

When five friends head off into a forest for a day of drinking and escapism, you just know by the title Twisted Part 1 that things arent going to be a brilliant day out for the group. 11062762_970850896281639_7182995958698858765_n (1)

Twisted Part 1 was first hatched in 2010 with the script and has finally seen the light of day with a new script by filmmakers Louis Taylor and Daniel Atrill, both UK indie filmmakers and who both should be very proud of the work they have done with Twisted, a twenty two minute short film that the guys have made viewable for free on Youtube. Twisted is visually stunning, even more so considering the ultra low budget that the crew had to work with. Im not sure what cameras they filmed on but it looks great. Shot in mostly a field and a forest, Im pretty sure there were no lighting rigs or dolly tracks so tons of praise to the camera crew for their work. So how do the characters fair in the story, well some do okay and some dont. Thats hardly a spoiler seeing as this is a horror short called Twisted. You should sit and watch the film with your friends and place bets on who is smiling at the end and who isnt. I love this sort of film, the classic template of a slasher flick and even though there are a few moments of ‘why do they do that’, you let them off because this is a fun horror film meant for fans.


A large part of the film is dialogue driven and its done wonderfully in a way that would be totally genuine with five friends sitting around in nature and talking about life.  These are friends id like to have and are as follows

Jay (played by Louis Taylor)

Kate (played by Ashleigh Powell)

Danny (played by Warren Day)

William (played by Tom Harding)

Julie (played by Elizabeth Dyer)

Do I have a complaint? Well yes but its only a small one. Will someone give these guys a bigger budget and let them show just how much they could do with a feature length project. Twisted could so easily have worked as a feature film and I can hope that one day we see a remake of it with the same cast and the same premise, but on a far bigger screen.

And now for your viewing. Check out Twisted:Part 1

You can follow the official Twitter @twistedpart1

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