The party is Legacy. #Legacy is here

Ever been refused entry to the part of the year?

What do you do?

Simple….set up your own party and call it Legacy.


Sean (Franz Drameh, Attack the Block), Dani (Amy Tyger Doctors), PJ (KcKell David. Montana), Can (Akshay Kura. Homeland), and Ben (Jacob Chapman. Beaver Falls) embark on a mission to stage a monster event, whilst at the same time taking down the opposition led by Damian  (Steven Cree. Outlander).  With such a simple premise does the film work. Well it works easily and wonderfully and will appeal to anyone that loves shows such as Skins and The Inbetweeners. The storyline is fine but its the characters and performances that raise what should have been a very basic film to better heights. Ive never attended a party like Legacy but I certainly do want to now, although I feel im a bit older than the target audience for the film or the party. The group of friends have a wonderful bond with each other and gives you the sense that they are still friends to this day. With a great soundtrack and enough party scenes to light up your living room and explode your sound system if you crank it up. Brilliant surprise cameos from Jason Maza will have you chuckle when you need to and my god the visuals on this film are fantastic. I wont go into details which visuals I am referring to, but anyone who has seen this film will know what I might be referring to. Legacy is a perfect film for a Saturday evening, in fact screw that. Legacy is a perfect fun film for any evening. Check it out and turn that volume up.


Legacy is available on DVD NOW and has been for a little while


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