Filmmaker Michael Beddoes to premiere his short film ‘Cold Reader’ at 2016 International Filmmaker Festival in London

Award-Winning Filmmaker Michael Beddoes has announced he is to premiere his forthcoming short film ‘Cold Reader’ at 2016 International Filmmaker Festival in London

Written by Kristina Heaney, ‘Cold Reader’ is a story about an unlikely friendship between Edward (Stephen Schreiber) and Gaia (Melissa Clements)

The film is also nominated for ‘Best Short’ at the event, hosted in London in February.

Cold Reader poster

‘What I loved about the script was how subtle it was. I’ve been going to shorts programmes at film festivals for years, and the ones that always left a lasting impression on me were the ones that were not overblown and made it all about their characters’ says Director Michael Beddoes about making ‘Cold Reader’

Writer, Kristina Heaney says she ‘wanted to explore homelessness from a different angle. I didn’t want this to be a story about someone being saved from a tough situation; it’s a snapshot of life. People in difficulty so often become their situation in the minds of others and end up stripped of what makes them an individual. I wanted Gaia to give Edward his humanity back – to recognise him as a person, not a social issue’

Cold Reader viewfinder

Cold Reader screens at the event at 2pm on February 20th, with the awards ceremony following on February 28th. The film stars Stephen Schreiber, Melissa Clements and Rosalind Lonsdale.

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