Film to be made focusing on the Hatton Garden Heist @Iammharris

It looks like the UK film industry can welcome its latest entry into a genre it does very well. Crime drama. Its being reported on Screendaily that Metrodome are in the process of setting up a movie based on the 2015 Hatton Garden heist in which £14 million in jewels were stolen during a raid. Whilst there is a working title of The Hatton Garden Job, Im hoping that the title will be changed due to noone outside the UK really know what a Hatton Garden Job is which makes the film a pretty hard sell using that title The better news is that Simon Cluett has penned a script for the film and ive been a fan of his work having watched Age Of Kill (which he wrote), as well as looking forward to Bonded By Blood 2 (which Simon also wrote) Producers attached at Mark Harris (Abducted) and Ben Jacques (London Heist,I Am Soldier)

metrodome logo

Its still early days to talk about casting yet, but more of that will be talked about when its unveiled

Jezz Vernon, MD of Metrodome, said: “We’re currently deep in the legal process to find out what we can and can’t include in the film. There are a lot of allegations on both sides of the law about additional involvement and wrongdoing that are not in the public domain, and probably never will be so we’re going through the final stages of legal advice as we speak.


“It’s an incredible story and the aim is to make the raid contextual in the broader landscape of London’s criminal history.”

Mark Harris and Ben Jacques added: “We look forward to working with Metrodome on the tale of one of the biggest robberies in Britain ever. Our aim is to deliver an intelligent broad market film that sheds additional light on the facts behind the robbery and the masterminds behind it.”

More information can be read over at Screendaily


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