The Contract is coming ( @thecontractfilm )

Official poster

Shot entirely on location in London, The Contract is a nascent love story of two people from polar opposite worlds, thrown together by circumstance. The film is scheduled for release on January 18th 2016 and will be available to buy on DVD as well as streaming online via multiple VOD services.

The Contract is directed by Nic Auerbach (The Big I Am), and has an great list of British talent in its cast such as Danny Webb (Alien 3, Humans-Channel 4), Isabelle Allen (Les Misèrables), Nicky Evans (Shameless) Robert Fucilla (Bonded by Blood, Shank) Sarah Armstrong(HALO:Nightfall), Patrick Ryecart (The King’s Speech) and Dean Bardini (The Take).

The Contract follows Nick (played by Robert Fucilla), a selfish, arrogant and morally questionable Hedge fund trader, who is all about helicopters, fast cars, luxury living and most importantly, money. He comes  home from a business trip to find his sprawling, no expense spared mansion taken over by squatters. He soon finds himself paired with Erika (played by Sarah Armstrong), an injured woman with amnesia and Nicks address tattooed  on her arm.

With David Marconi, the writer of high profile films Die Hard 4.0 and Tony Scott’s Enemy of the State on board as executive producer. His influence is pretty visible in the action scenes with familiar city backdrops, such as an explosive, multi vehicle  car chase and collision stunt on London’s iconic Lambeth bridge. The bridge was closed off and the scene
was filmed overnight with an extensive team of stunt men, action cars, pyrotechnics and traffic officers.

The Contract is a highly ambitious project, tentatively brought to fruition by Dean Fisher, the well-established veteran
producer of City Rats (2009). A seriously underrated film by many. City Rats sold very well although was somewhat badly marketed as a Danny Dyer film rather than a wonderful ensemble cast drama (that included a great performance by Danny). City Rats was made on a modest budget, and went on to reach 3rd place in the UK DVD charts back in 2009 and broke records for Revolver Entertainment DVD sales, grossing over £2 million internationally.
The Contract will be the first film release from the emerging distribution force of Bow Street  Media Ltd, an exciting new London based business venture spearheaded by Dean Fisher.

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