The Runner ( @therunner2015 ) by Director John Tomkins

One day in 2014, filmmaker John Tomkins saw a production of Individual Theatres’ The Tempest. After that show, John met up with the lead actor, Ben Gilbert, to talk about material for showreels. From that conversation came the genesis of The Runner.


Recalling a lot of the cast and crew from previous films (A Dark Tale, Theyre Coming, and Indietro John assembled a wonderufl cast list that would make up The Runner. Including Ben Gilbert, Karen Fairfax and Jimmy ‘The Bee’ Bennett. It was Jimmys involvement that put The Runners production on my ‘radar’ as actor Lucas Penn had several conversations with me and we often mentioned Jimmy Bennett.


But enough about the films pre production for now, lets get onto the film itself and check out The Runner.

The Runner is set in mad world of movies where a talented actor Ryan Jones (Ben Gilbert ) is struggling to break into films , finding that his scenes just get left on the cutting room floor.  Meanwhile on the set of the latest film directed by Steven Elliot (Tom Menary) ‘The Importance of Everything’ the production is chaos over a disagreement over coffee  involving the director and an actor with an ego issue. Thus begins the search for a new Runner, (a.k.a the guy or girl who does everything including coffee delivery)

Ah but who can fill the role of the much needed runner.


The Runner is a lot of fun, a 22 minute caper set in the film world that to the unknown eye might seem far fetched but to people who work in the film world will remind them of a lot of the craziness that goes on. One person laughs and another person cries ‘oh thats happened to me’ . The Runner has a lot of subtle comedy lines in the background and even more blatant ones in the frontlines. You just know that some of the script has been written from actual crazy experience in the world of film. Extremly well done and joyfully accurate. The set must have been so much fun to be on during the production and you there has to be a whole pile of gag reels and outtakes due to im sure many laughs during shooting.

John Tomkins and the crew have done a great job, and perfectly entertained me for the 22 minute running time. Whats more than that. The Runner is free to watch, as you will probably already have realised seeing as the link to it is about eleven lines above this one. Enjoy it…and then head over to their social media pages to say thanks for the work and thanks for the film.

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