North v South Long Time Coming ( @northvsouthfilm ) is out now from @metrodomegroup

Another instance of me thinking I know what a films going to be like, before I have watched it. Another instance of me being taken by surprise at just how good a film is. North v South:Long Time not another football hooligan rivals film as I thought it might be. No, its a crime drama, a human drama that not only ticks the boxes for crime films but also has a wonderful Romeo and Juliet sub plot that slots in perfectly to the latest film by writer/director Steven Nesbit.


The North v South of the title relate to the crime families of the country. The South family are portrayed as the  posh and upperclass (led by Steven Berkoff)  whereas the North are somewhat grubby and rough (led by Bernard Hill)  But that’s fine, as this is a film not a documentary about social divides. It does make it easier to work out which person belongs to which ‘gang’ It works very well.


Taking us into the crime world from several characters point of view, and also several generations. North v South works on several levels so should easily find a wide audience and a large legion of fans. The cast list is one of the most impressive ones I have seen in a while and features such talent as Keith Allen (Shallow Grave), Geoff Bell (Power To The People, The Business), Steven Berkoff (We Still Kill The Old Way), Bernard Hill (Titanic), Greta Scacchi (The Falling), Brad Moore (Best Laid Plans, Montana), Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who) and Elliot Tittensor (Shameless) who all play their part in this tapestry.


I saw one review that said “Martina Cole meets the Marx Brothers” and whilst I can definitely see the Martina Cole influence in there (It wouldn’t have surprised me to have seen Tom Hardy walk into the film) , I do fail to see any Marx Brothers style humor in the film.  Its definitely entertaining and wonderfully put together by the cast and crew and I am looking forward to re-watching the film again pretty soon and recommending it to others. North v South:Long Time Coming is this years The Guvnors.

North V South:Long Time Coming is out now



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