Some Exclusive clips behind the curtain of Downton Abbey

Since springing into life in 2010, Downton Abbey took the TV viewing world by storm, not only just here in the UK but also being a seriously well talked about show in the USA. In fact it was due to the chatter I was hearing and the mass recommendations from some friends in the US media that I first thought…right lets see what all this Downton fuss is about. For those who think its yet another period drama that we have seen several times before. Thats exactly what I thought before I pressed play. From the opening episode which begins with news of the fateful Titanic sinking, I was hooked. Definitely one of the better TV shows to appear in the past five years.


But sadly, after six seasons and a couple of Christmas specials. The doors at Downton Abbey have closed to the viewers. The last scenes have been filmed and we await the Christmas special which will take us away from this seriously dramatic world.

But dont lose heart. Here for your viewing pleasure are some very cool clips taking you behind the scenes of some elements of the show. So enjoy. and get out there and recommend Downton Abbey to those who love good TV, great drama with a seriously talented cast.


Historian, Alastair Bruce, discusses the history of Highclere built in 1842 by Sir Charles Barry, the architect who designed the Houses of Parliament. The same gothic style can be found in Highclere castle.

·         Changing Times

Alastair Bruce discusses stately opening their doors to the public, as the Crawleys do in Season six of Downton Abbey.

·         Downton Motor Cars

An exclusive behind-the-scenes, exclusive clip looking at the motor cars and the unfortunate crash in Downton Abbey, Series 6, episode 7. The car had to be created from scratch, as it would be too expensive to destroy a real vintage race car worth millions.


DOWNTON ABBEY SEASON 6 is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD, courtesy of Universal Pictures(UK).



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