Journey on the Nintendo Quest with @nintendo_quest

CRT4FczUYAAN-ZgBuilt in a similar structure to Dave Gormans ‘Super Size Me’ which saw Dave eat only McDonalds food for a full month, ‘Nintendo Quest’ takes us into the world of video game fan Jay Bartlett who accepts a challenge from filmmaker and friend Rob McCallum to track down all 678 official Nintendo Entertainment System games in a single month. Sound easy? t. Simply spend an evening on the internet and you can succeed. Ah but Rob sets down some rules in order for Jay to go ‘old school’ and make it all a little more interesting for the project.

Jay must pay cash for the games.

Jay must start from scratch (so cant include the games he already owns)

Jay must do the work himself with no help from the filmmakers

But most of all NO INTERNET USAGE.

‘Nintendo Quest’ is a wonderful documentary, made by film makers who love video games, but for an audience who doesn’t need to love video games as much as they do.  With his friends following, and documenting how many games Jay tracks down each day (using onscreen graphics) we are introduced to people like Syd Bolton who has a collection of over 15,000 video games and even runs The PC Museum in Ontario, Canada we do learn a lot about the retro video game world, but also find ourselves on a fun journey with a bunch of really likable people.

Robert McCallum says: “Making “Nintendo Quest” was the most challenging and thrilling thing I’ve ever done in my life, and now to take the film on the road to the communities that welcomed us when we made the movie, and to new communities is a continuation of that eye-opening experience that shows you anything is possible if you have the guts to go on an adventure –Video game fan or not, you’ll never find a more fun documentary that keeps you guessing, cheering, and excited until the very end.”

Whether you owned a Nintendo system or not, checking out ‘Nintendo Quest’ is a great way to spend an evening, I had fun watching it and felt like it might be time to track down a Nintendo Entertainment System myself. But enough about me. The question you are all wondering is.

Did Jay Bartlett succeed in his quest?

Find out in ‘Nintendo Quest’

Nintendo Quest is available on Vimeo On Demand on October 1st.

It will then be released on all other major digital platforms and DVD in North America on December 1st 2015.

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