A short chat with Billy Kirkwood from @Copsandmonsters

In the run up to Scifi Wales (September 5th) here is another little interview with someone connected with the event.

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Lets chat with Billy Kirkwood, the King of Improv but also the voice and the face behind ‘The Cult’ from Cops and Monsters, a digital series whos crew will be attending the Llandudno event. (find out more from http://www.scifi.wales )


I asked ‘The Cult’ a few questions so it would be rude not to share those questions also the answers with you.

Does The Cult watch movies and what is one of his most favourite films?
Yeah he does but The Cult has only ever watched two films. Orson wells “Touch of Evil” and the Farrelly brothers “Kingpin” he liked Bill Murray as “Big Ern” it reminded him of himself. 
In future episodes of Cops and Monsters..How much will you be ‘let off the leash’ and given free range to go “Full Billy
Not at all, it’s a bit early and like the cult I like to play the long game.  I would say me really getting off the leash and letting rip as the cult is something we’ll save for full episodes, Fraser knows knows that me going full tilt boogie could be…well a bit much. 
But put it this way…it’s something to look forward to. 
How did you find yourself involved with Fraser (the director of Cops and Monsters) and this strange universe he has created.
If memory serves we met at the stand comedy club in Glasgow. It’s somewhere I regularly gig and I think we met and chatted there. 
We chatted about another project that didn’t pan out but got to know each other, became friends and were keen to find something to work on together  and cops and monsters thankfully was it, it appeals to my geek sensibilities, I think it’s a great concept, also it appealed to my inner bastard to play a directionally  shrouded bad guy. 
Billy Kirkwood During the Filming of 'Cops and Monsters' in Glasgow - 19 January 2014

Billy Kirkwood During the Filming of ‘Cops and Monsters’ in Glasgow – 19 January 2014

Will Billy be appearing at Sci Fi Wales, or will The Cult be appearing? Who’s in charge?
Sadly neither will be there in person as far as I know. Billy is doing a stand up tour in Canada and the cult…well best not think what he’ll be up to. 
But id imagine he’ll make his presence known one way or another. (Fraser I could easily record an in character video or something..maybe something funny?) 
Many thanks to Billy Kirkwood for taking the time out to put these answers out there. Wishing you all the best Billy and hope to see you soon.

You can follow Billy (not literally) on Twitter https://twitter.com/Billykirkwood

Follow Cops and Monsters on Twitter https://twitter.com/copsandmonsters

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