The Death of Superman Lives:What Happened? – lets find out #tdoslwh ( @TDOSLWH )

Superman Reborn,a live action comic book film featuring Superman, Brainiac, Doomsday and Lex Luthor that went into pre-production in the 1990s. With filmmaker Kevin Smith onboard to write the script. Fans were so excited.


The came a title change into Superman Lives and the man who resurrected Batman in 1989, Mr Tim Burton came onboard as director and Kevin Smiths time with the project came to an end as Tim always brings his own team with him and his own ideas.

Nicolas Cage would play Clark Ken/Kal-El/Superman and it would be amazing.


But hang on a sec. I’m sure film fans out there don’t remember Superman Lives..that film doesn’t exist does it?


So What Happened?

Well filmmaker and awesome geek Jon Schnepp has spent a hell of a lot of time and effort allowing us to find out in his feature length documentary (written and directed by Jon)

“The Death Of Superman Lives:What Happened?”


In this insanely interesting documentary we learn pretty much everything we need to learn about “Superman Lives” from its concept (including glimpses of the costumes, the concept art, set designs) to its pre-production  (interviews with many of the crew who were involved in the films creation) But of course we all crave to see just what Nicolas Cage would look like as the Man Of Steel and we do see that. Its fascinating to see footage of Nicolas wearing various incarnations of the suit and I have to say, whilst many people might scoff at the idea of Cage as Kal-El. By the end of the documentary I wished that Superman Lives had made it into theaters so that I could know whether it was as impressive as I think it would have been.

Jon Schnepp and Kevin Smith in The Death of Superman Lives, What Happened

Whilst I’m sure that Jon Schnepp had moments where he wanted to pull his hair out (I have followed the development of his project on podcast updates over the past year or so) He has done a fantastic job. With sit down interviews with Tim Burton (Director: Superman Lives), Kevin Smith (Writer:Superman Lives), Jon Peters (Producer:Superman Lives) and many more people connected with the film. For me it would be a dream come true to get the glimpses into a film that never was, and now that the documentary is out there. I hope that Jon Schnepp is so damn proud of the work he has done for himself but also a he deserves a huge thank you from the fans (or ‘sweaties’ as Jon likes to call fans/geeks)

Whether you are a fan of Superman or not. This documentary is definitely one to watch, its fantastic to see some of the crazy ideas that nearly made it on screen (giant spider anyone???) to see how ideas are hatched, nurtured and then stomped on in the world of $140 million dollar filmmaking is both fascinating and worrying. For those creatives out there (me included) This is a must watch and should watch.

The Death of Superman Lives, What Happened

Please do check the documentary out, for a few reasons. One being that its a fantastic piece of work and another is that its been such a labour of love for Jon Schnepp  who has put this film together not only with his own hard work but also enlisting the help of Kickstarter backers to help complete the project. Its a great way to spend an evening (or a day if you purchase the Super Pack) and you will find yourself giggling at many places throughout. Whilst the documentary does have its serious side, it also have a wonderful sense of humour to it with even Tim Burton cracking a few smiles now and again when he reflects back on his time at Superman Lives HQ. Also of course you just know that anything with Kevin Smith involved in will have wise cracks galore. Love it!!!

You can find out more about the film and purchase if digitally from the official website

(Note: the film is only available to buy (in ALL formats and internationally) from the official site.)

Its worth noting that there are 3 versions you can purchase from the site. All 3 ‘packages’ include the same version of “The Death Of Superman Lives:What Happened” but the more you pay the more bonus features you get.

There is a Super Pack which retails at $29.99 and includes over 8 Hours of Bonus Features.

Then there is the Mid Pack which retails at $19.99 and includes over an hour of Bonuses.

Finally there is the Film Only version for $14.99

Whichever edition you go for. You will definitely enjoy!!

Not convinced yet? (How dare you)

Check out this 2 minute trailer and then tell me how awesome the documentary looks.

Many thanks to Jon Schnepp for all the hard work! Youve done a fantastic job.


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