The A Plate:Out now on VOD

A car salesman scheming to take over his dealership finds his plan thrown off course after he falls for his boss’s daughter.

That’s the premise for “The A Plate” written and directed by Terre Weisman which hit video on demand June 2nd 2015.


An adult based comedy (language, nudity), that takes us into the life of Jay Roth (played by Shane Jacobsen), a car salesman who has become used to the fast life, fast women, fast deals and his eye on a promotion from salesman to owning his own car dealership.


When his Dick, his boss is caught out sleeping with the young receptionist, Jay sees his chance to try and work his magic and head for the prize.

“The A Plate” is a charming, funny film, with a whole host of mad characters, from Jay father with memory issues, also salesmen who couldn’t sell water to thirsty people. But the main gems in this film are Shane Jacobsen (as Jay), Priscilla Barnes (as Candice) and Julie Ann Emery (as Andrea Stevens).


It’s the relationship between Jay and Andrea that is key to “The A Plate”. Turns out that Andrea is the daughter is Dick, his boss and you can see how complicated things can get when Jay falls for her.


Now theres a moral compass dilemma if ever I saw one. Will Jay achieve his dream? Will the dealership be lose? Will Andrea find true love? With Jay? Watch the film and find out. It’s a great way to spend an hour and a half, in the world of “The A Plate”

THE A PLATE will be available on Dish Network, Amazon, Blockbuster on Demand, iTunes, Playstation, Vudu, Xbox and YouTube from Osiris Entertainment.


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