Checking out the London theatres at @londontheatre1

Its always on my list of things to do, but for some reason I always run out of time, or something else comes up or most of the time I just dont really know whats on and where at the theatre. Now dont get me wrong. I can only count on my hands the times I have watched a film in a theatre, but every time I have. I have loved it. The atmosphere, the whole set up of the production.

The last time I was in a theatre was before I moved ‘down south’ and it was to watch the Scot Williams play ‘Hope’  at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool.


Nowadays each time I am in London, I usually walk past one theatre or another and see the huge signs outside, showing things like The Comittments, or Made in Dagenham to name a couple of stage shows.

Today I was browsing Twitter as I often do, pimping out my crowdfunding link to all who would read, and I saw this Twitter account I cheekily asked them for a RT, which they did. So I figured the least I could do is check out their website and see what it is they do.

So, what do they do?

Their site provides London theatre news, show reviews as well as interviews for West End and Off West End. They provide us with a what’s on in London West End theatre guide 9which will be very useful to me, as I never know whats on or where)

Once you find the show you are looking for you can purchase tickets through a secure online booking system.Tickets can also be purchased by telephone using a debit card or credit card (just in case you dont like using computer booking systems).

One good thing to add is that seat numbers are shown before payment is made so no worry about being stuck in a seat you arent happy with.

A very cool website, easy to use but also pretty enough to look at and plan a day out to see a show.

Im well out of touch with whats on but do see a lot of Twitter activity about shows happening. In the past year or so I could have seen Nabil Elouhabi, Josef Altin and Lorraine Stanley in shows (sadly not all the same show, or that would be an amazing cast)

So thanks to LondonTheatre1, not only for the RT but also for showing me a decent website.


Follow them on Twitter here

Like them on Facebook here

See them on Google+ here

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