The VIP Tickets at @scifiwales Now on Sale.

Sci Fi Wales, an event coming in September 2015 has unveiled a very limited amount of VIP tickets for the event.

Supply is limited to 100 tickets only

You gain VIP entry from 9:00 am (regular tickets get yo uaccess at 10:30am) 

You will get yourself a free signed souvenir brochure

Children 5 years and under go free*

fancy exclusive access to the vip lounge? well you can have it

reserved seating for all main panels middle middle is the best, but then again Front row seats are always cool

and free entry to our Friday night party where some of the guests will be.

The VIP tickets are £150 but well worth it, however if thats too pricey for you, they have standard tickets for £10 and £15 priority tickets (which get you into the event an hour earlier)

All ticket information can be found HERE

Tickets are on sale now and pre-booking is recommended.


More exclusive benefits to be announced..

The celebrity guest list is looking wonderful with people such as Robert Llewellyn (Re Dwarf), Virginian Hey (Mad Mad:The Road Warrior, Farscape), John Challis (Only Fools and Horses), Pixie Le Knot (Game Of Thrones), and Sarah Louise Madison (Cops and Monsters, Dr Who) attending.

I could so easily have told you all the other guests that are attending but why do that when you can click HERE and find out.

More information will be released soon through FromPage2Screen but for now you can follow @scifiwales on Twitter and check out the website at

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