Playing It Cool is out now from @highfliersfilms

The Rom-Com. A genre which I venture into now and again when it comes to the films I watch, Although must admit that I prefer Com-Roms, with the balance being more on the comedy than that of the romantic angle. The latest Com-Rom that I watched was Playing It Cool starring Chris Evans & Michelle Monaghan and Directed by Justin Reardon.


So how does Playing It Cool fit into my Com-Rom genre?

Perfectly. Definitely more comedy than romance, but with enough romance to keep fans of more rom than com, very happy and entertained.


When screenwriter ‘Narrator’(played by Chris Evans) (we never hear his characters name spoken)) begins work on a script for a romantic movie, he finds that its research time due to his lack of commitment to any woman in his past. He then meets ‘her’ (whose name we also don’t learn, played by Michelle Monaghan) at an event, who captures his heart. Major problem is that she’s already engaged to another man. But ‘Narrator’ and ‘her’ agree to be friends, but as we know from the classic film When Harry Met Sally. Friendships between men and women are very hard to maintain without crossing the bridge into the world of romance.

What a gem of a film Playing It Cool is, with a cast list that includes so many faces and names we recognize, such as Topher Grace (Spiderman 3), Anthony Mackie (Captain America:The Winter Soldier),Luke Wilson (The Royal Tenenbaums), and Philip Baker Hall (Bruce Almighty). The film oozes charm, friendship but most of all humour with a storyline that anyone who has had any sort of relationship can easily relate to as well as sit back and laugh along with the crazy bunch of characters portrayed in the film.


The only thing that is hard work is which film I watch next, because Playing It Cool has set a benchmark for my day.

Playing It Cool is out now on DVD

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