Seize the Night – Trailer Is out there from @emdarkofficial

Something To Sink Your Teeth Into

StN - Trailer Still - Emma Dark - EVA

SEIZE THE NIGHT is an original British independent horror short by Emma Dark.

The film will be a high octane thrill ride influenced by the likes of Blade, Underworld, Dracula 2001, True Blood and Razor Blade Smile. Seize The Night follows Eva, a renegade vampire assassin, on her action filled journey to the truth and opens shortly after she has escaped from a secret government compound, a center for the most nefarious biological experiments. Following her escape Eva is confronted by her life long enemy and is forced into a situation of such gravity she may have to deal with the devil she knows best in order to fight a far greater evil.

The cast features (among others)

Emma Dark (Island of the Blind Dead (2015))

Carey Thring (From Hell (2001))

Paul Ewen (Cockneys vs Zombies (2012))

Anthony Ilott (Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014))


Producer/Director Emma Dark has just released the teaser trailer for her highly anticipated new film ‘Seize the Night’.  This action-horror hybrid has vampires and werewolves portrayed in a way audiences won’t have seen them before.  Principal photography is now complete and post-production is in full swing

The trailer has been edited by Ms Dark, who has assumed many roles on the projectincluding the part of lead character Eva.  The final ‘gloss’ was provided in the form of VFX from up and coming VFX artist Davy Simmons and a unique score from US based composer Eric Elick

Emma had this to say about the trailer release “Finally I’ve been able to put out a little taster to show off everyone’s hard work on the project.  Yes it’s my vision but having such an amazingly talented and professional cast and crew on board, as dedicated as I am to excellence, has really brought that vision to life.  It’s my first truly serious film and one I hope to blow people socks off with.  I look forward to putting Seize the Night out on the film festival circuit later this year.

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StN - Trailer Still - Chris Hampshire - MIKKEL


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