Say hi to @scifiwales

Later in 2015, I shall be attending Sci Fi Wales, a new film convention that first showed up on my radar last year when Cops and Monsters creator (and one of my podcasting co hosts) Fraser Coull started talking about the event. Once again I would be  hosting the Cops and Monsters Q&A panel and that got me very excited, but things took a step up when Sci Fi Wales asked if I would like to  host all (or at least most of) their Q&A panels for the day.


Of course I said yes.

I then began having a nosey around the website ( ) to see what guests were planning to attend and what fun events were being lined up for September 2015.

What a wonderful list of people are attending.

I could so easily turn this article into a who’s who of Sci Fi Wales.

But you should just click on the blue logo above here and have a look for yourself.

Its going to be a great day.

For those attending (tickets are on sale now)

Youll see me there, and feel free to pop up and say hi.

Join in the Q&A and if theres anything you want to know about the event.

Email through the Sci Fi Wales site, or drop me a tweet @frompage2screen or say hi to the folks @scifiwales


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