An @Assassinfilm review by @USDannyDyerFan

Many thanks to Blandine Etienne (a.k.a. @usdannydyerfan on Twitter ) for letting me publish her review for the film Assassin, out now on DVD from Signature Entertainment.

assassinAssassin (2015)

Written and Directed by JK Amalou

Starring: Danny Dyer, Holly Weston, Martin Kemp, Gary Kemp, and Eddie Webber


A hit man faces a moral dilemma when he unknowingly falls for the daughter of a politician he murdered. Danny Dyer plays Jamie, a hit man who works for the Alberts brothers, played by Martin and Gary Kemp. The Alberts hire Jamie to get rid of a local politician named Boyd, who is blocking their real estate deal. While following Boyd, Jamie meets and falls for a stripper named Chloe (Holly Weston). Only after killing the politician does Jamie learn that Holly was Boyd’s daughter. The film deals with Jamie’s dilemma of whether to kill off Holly or let her live.


I enjoyed this movie for several reasons. I found this to be a well written story. The movie is only about 80 minutes long, with a tight script. I appreciated seeing a different performance from Danny Dyer. He keeps a low profile and has a quiet menace about him. When his character Jamie snaps, it’s very visceral. Yet when he opens himself up, it’s very touching to see him risk being vulnerable. I also enjoyed the Kemps. Their relationship is one of the best things about the movie.


This was my first introduction to Holly Weston and she is a very good actress. She and Danny Dyer have good chemistry together. The killing and fighting scenes are well done. They feature not only Jamie’s fighting skills but also his cunning and his planning abilities. The score is a great pulsing synthesizer sound which works to thrill the audience. Since I saw and am a fan of Deviation, I had high hopes of enjoying this repairing of Danny Dyer with the director JK Amalou. I wasn’t disappointed.

You should definitely see Amalou’s Hard Men for another good crime caper. 3.5/5 stars.


Many thanks to Blandine for sending her review through to FromPage2Screen but also for allowing me to share it with others. Have you seen a film you enjoyed lately? Email your review through to and let others see it.

Assassin is out now on DVD and Digital Download



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