In the run up to @scifiwales Lets hear from guest @stevenwickham

In the run up to the fantastic SciFi Wales Comic Con in September 2015, I thought I would take the liberty of running a few articles by some of the guests who will be appearing at the convention.
They will be run in no specific order but will at least give you a slight insight into some of the great people you can meet on the day.
Sci Fi Wales
Let me introduce Mr Steven Wickham who might be most well known for his role in the smash show Red Dwarf. Steven appeared in episodes such as Emohawk:Polymorph:Part 2 (as Gelf Bride) and in the episode Entangled (as Begg Chief). Steven has also appeared in such TV shows as Heartbeat, Dr Who, Come Fly With Me and Mrs Browns Boys, where he was Santa in the 2013 episode entitled Buckin Mammy.
I sent some questions over to Steven and in super fast speed (but thankfully not written in the Gelf language. I dont actually speak Gelf) Steven replied with some great answers.
Here is a copy of our chat.
What are you looking forward to most about Sci Fi Wales?
I always enjoy going to conventions and signings even though I haven’t been to many. I’m really looking forward to meeting the fans, especially the Red Dwarf ones, but would love to meet fans of any of the other things I’ve done like Hounded, Time Trumpet, Mrs Brown’s Boys for example, or the Big Finish characters I’ve played. I’ve also never been to Llandudno so that will also be a treat! My mother’s family are from Tredegar, South Wales, so I always love coming back.
What are some of your most favourite convention stories?
I don’t really have any except those that I’ve heard told on panels, when I went to conventions myself as a paying customer!
Strange requests. Have you had any strange requests from fans?
Not really, all fans are usually very nice and friendly, except for one guy who said he kept the video of the episode of Heartbeat that I guested in, for personal purposes!! (You may not want to use this answer…!)
Looking at the guests on Sci Fi Wales, Who are you most looking forward to meeting?
It will be great to see Rob Llewellyn again, and Hattie Hayridge. Even though I never worked with Hattie on the series, our paths have crossed at previous events! But its the fans who make an event special….
If you are attending Sci Fi Wales, do head over and say hi to Steven. I only started speaking with him a couple of days ago but hes such a decent guy and enjoyable to chat to.
I look forward to meeting him in September at the Sci Fi Wales Comic Con.
Check out the official website at


You can check out Stevens IMDB page here
Follow him on Twitter (and say hi) @Stevenwickham 
You can even check out the Wiki Page HERE

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