Chastity Bites coming on DVD from @safecrackerp

Leah Ratliff, (Allison Scagliotti) a feminist blogger and aspiring investigative journalist, is looking for a big story that will land her a college scholarship. When abstinence educator Liz Batho (Louise Griffiths) arrives at Leak’s high school and forms the “Virginity Action Group” (VAG), Leah might have found her story.


What a fun crazy film Chastity Bites is.  Set in modern day but with an 1980/Early 90s feel about it, Chastity Bites felt part-Clueless, part Buffy, and part Veronica Mars. The film doesnt take itself seriously and has enough  ‘totally’ lines of dialogue in the film to keep fans of Clueless happy. The cast have fun with their roles, and the film is well put together.


Whilst the film is classed as comedy/horror or horror/comedy, I felt the film was held up nicely by the comedy cheesy aspect rather than the horror element, although there are some graphic scenes in the film. . Had the film tried to be serious, it would have been like a great many other films out there (such as Once Bitten) but just sit back, get some snacks and do what you are meant to do with a film.


Be entertained and enjoy it.

You can pick up the Digital Version by clicking on the logo below


Official Selection: Dances With Films, Philadelphia QFest, North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Montreal Horrorfest, Lady Filmmakers, Lund Fantastic Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival, Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest and IFI Dublin Horrorthon.

“The film is a smart and modern take on the Elizabeth Bathory legend, combining the much-plundered story with teen comedy and internet feminism… (It’s) a genuinely witty and sweet affair, with characters you really root for.”
–Nia Edwards-Behi,

“There’s a distinctly snarky streak running throughChastity Bites, in a very similar vein to that found inHeathers and Mean Girls… This is near-perfect blend of comedy and horror.”
–Phil Wheat, Nerdly UK

“It is a very rare occasion that a new concept rears its head in the horror genre, yet here, ‘Chastity Bites’ dares to do so, and it rocks!”
Beyond The Gore


Chastity Bites hits DVD on April 27th from Safecracker Pictures


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