★ It’s here! TheHorrorShow.TV’s Subscription Streaming Service ★

At long last, TheHorrorShow.TV are able to tell you about their brand new, long-awaited subscription service, where you can stream a growing selection of our films, as little or as often as you want, for an introductory price of just £2.99 per month (normally £4.99/month).
horror show
You might already know that TheHorrorShow.TV already have over 200 films (230 at today’s count, with more being added weekly) which you can stream or download for as little as 99p (not counting our free titles) – but now you can access a great selection of our films, including Sawney: Flesh of Man, Iron Sky: The Dictator’s Cut, Werewolf Rising, The Woman, Shortcuts to Hell II and many, many more for a single monthly subscription fee of just £2.99 – less than the cost of renting a single movie on most VOD platforms (including our own).
But hurry – the price is going up to £4.99/month from January 1, so sign up now and you’ll pay no more than £2.99 for as long as you keep subscribing. 
Can you beat that!?
Visit http://www.TheHorrorShow.TV to check out the new-look site, and be among the first to sign up to the most exciting new thing to happen to horror in years.
Basic subscription
Only £2.99/month

Watch a growing selection of our films whenever you like on their cheap & flexible basic subscription for only £2.99/month.

Your subscription will be paid at the start of each month for the period you are about to begin. All payments are 100% secure and are made by Direct Debit through GoCardless.

After you subscribe your films will be ready to watch immediately but it can take up to six working days to process your first payment and during this time your order will show in your account as ‘Pending’.

You can cancel your subscription at any time so what’s stopping you?!

What connection speed is required?

The minimum connection speed required is 240kbps (less than 1mbps)

What quality are the films available in?

Our films are available in two different sizes (480p & 720p) and in varying qualities for each size; our state of the art media player will detect the best quality that can be played based on your connection speed. If you want to override this click the HD menu on the player.

What does it mean to rent a film?

Rented films (select Rent) are viewable on PCs, Macs, laptops, iPads, tablets (Android or iOS), iPhones, Android phones and most internet-connected TVs. (If it doesn’t work on yours, for some weird reason, we’ll refund you promptly.)

How long have I got to watch a film I have rented?

Rentals expire 48 hours after initial viewing commences (just like iTunes rentals) – though you don’t have to start watching right away, and you can watch it as many times as you like within the 48 hour period.


In the meantime, here’s a 90-second video that explains it all
Look forward to seeing you at http://www.TheHorrorShow.TV – it’s gonna kill!

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