Lets hear about Kitty 9 Lives by @speropictures with podcast included

Kitty is single

Kitty is eccentric

Kitty imagines life married to several different men she meets at a BBQ- all with hilarious result.


Kitty’s 9 Lives is a semi-romantic comedy and it will the biggest project to date to come out of Speropictures.

Written by our screenwriting team, Denise Churchill and Karen Alderidge, Kitty’s crazy whirlwind of a story is part Bridget Jones Diary, part Friends (TV Series) and part Zoosk commercial all wrapped up with a little Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) comedic style thrown in for good measure.

Whilst the casting process is still ongoing, the addition of Nicole Leigh in the title role of Kitty is a great move for the production.

More updates will be dished out pretty soon but for now you can head over to the official fundraising page HERE

FromPage2Screen spoke to some of the cast and crew behind the project (Joy, Matt, Nicole and Denise) and here is the show for you to listen to. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot, not only about Kitty and her 9 lives but also some of the tips and adventures from the cast and crew.

Click the link to open in a few window.


But lets share an answer to one question that I was asked.

Why are they fundraising?

Well here is their answer.


“We have decided to launch this crowdfunding campaign for a few great reasons:

  • We need funding to purchase the production design elements that are essential for making Kitty’s 9 Lives a quality, short-length film. 


  • We’re looking to purchase necessary film equipment, including cameras and lighting that will be used, not only on this project, but on countless other projects within our growing film community. The students we teach would also benefit from the use of quality film equipment!


  • Last, but not least, we’d love to be able to pay the gifted team of people who have given time, energy, and resources into the making of this project. We are continuing to cast during the campaign, and a bigger budget would also enable us to hire more experienced actors and actresses, making the quality of the film even more excellent.

Head over to their Kickstarter page by clicking HERE

You can also check out and follow the progress on these social networking sites.

Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest YouTube Vimeo


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