Check out the Wolf. A new short film that needs YOU

I love it when a new project dirfts onto our desk. Sometimes its because we happen to notice it ourselves, but more recently its a member of the public who brings it to our attention.

This just happened. We recieved a message (from someone who isnt connected with the film) asking us if we had heard about Wolf. (We hadnt) but now we do.

So its time to share the information with you and perhaps you can share this with others.

With at the time of writing, 9 days remaining to hit its fundraising target (its very nearly there) Its time for FromPage2Screen to make sure that Wolf hits its target.

So what is Wolf?  a dark psychological horror made by young filmmakers. Wolf tells of a woman who loses her grip on reality after discovering that she could be capable of evil.

Wolf will be a twenty-minute short  focusing on the effects of a terrifying incident on a group of friends; one of which who finds her mental state rapidly deteriorating as she starts to realise that she could be the culprit.


Where did the idea come from?

Well according to the Kickstarter information

“The idea for Wolf began a year ago, where one night Wolf writer/director Rebecca Gosnell fell asleep after a long night of watching scary movies, and experienced a terrifying nightmare where one of her closest friends betrayed her and attacked the people she loved most. Waking with a scream, she instantly wrote down what she saw… and from there, Wolf was born.”

I wished I had written down all the dreams and images that I have had. I really do. Thankfully for Rebecca and the rest of the cast and crew of Wolf. Rebecca did just that. Otherwise Wolf might live only in the place where forgotten dreams live.

When will Wolf be completed and filmed?

They hope to begin are shooting in August , progress into editing throughout October and November, and should have the film fully finished late November/early December. But thats dependant on YOU and the Wolf short film hitting their target.

They have a huge range of perks, but with the lowest perk being £5, You can still pledge a £1 if thats all you wish to spare.

With only £460 left to hit their target, and 9 days remaining. Its obtainable. Perhaps you might see a perk you want, perhaps its someones birthday coming up and you can buy them a perk.

For the cost of a Happy Meal you can bring this film £5 closer to completion.

Half of the film will be shot in Epping Forest

Half of the film will be shot in Epping Forest

With a crew consisting of these people, they have cut the costs down to the bone in order to get Wolf made. However of course there are some things that do need paying for. Every penny of the £2000 budget will go to these costs.

None of the crew are being paid, all working for free. This is how much they want to make Wolf. Help them out.


Writer/Director: Rebecca Gosnell

Producer: Sapphire Sherbird

1st AD: Sapphire Sherbird

Casting Directors: Rebecca Gosnell, Sapphire Sherbird

DOP: Phillip Reinking

Sound Operator: Joshua Rayworth

Lighting: Rodeo Whiter

Makeup: Edie Flowers

Concept Artist: Cait Robinson

Storyboard Artist: Tam Napat Kositpipat

Poster Artist: Sophie Harper

Editing/ grading/ sound mixing: Mdhamiri A Nkemi

Props/ costume: Pablo Brown Jennett

Composer: Benjamin Squires

Stills photographer / runner: Matthew Mulcahy

For more information. Check out their official Kickstarter page HERE

I wish them the very best of luck and will be keeping an eye out over the next 9 days and helping them out where and when I can.

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